Candy Jar and Corporate

Have an office that needs a candy fix? Want some extra friends? One of our Connoisseur jars is a custom size made especially to share (only if you want to).

Custom labels on all Karameller products is available.  Contact us to create your custom label.

New Employee Welcome Jar

Growing company? Gift a candy jar for your new staff member to share with colleagues as they introduce themselves to him or her - it's a great way to break the ice!

Kids' Loot Bags

Planning a party that requires a party hat? We can provide the candy! Curated to fit your child’s party theme, we can coordinate colour preferences, and customize loot bag sizes to best suit your special occasion!

Dessert Tables and Party Favours

Our delicious candy is perfect for your dessert table of party favours! Serve it up in large bowls for guests to scoop up, or let us prepare individual 100g bags that are perfect for single-serving goodness!

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Karameller Wedding Party Favours